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  2. Sun 17:00–21:45
  3. Fri–Sat 17:00–22:30
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  1. €7.50Calamari FritiFried Calamari dipped in semolina and herbs, served with homemade tartar sauce and a mixed salad with a wedge of lemon.
  2. €7.50King PrawnPan fried King prawn with sweet chilli sauce served on a bed of mixed salad.
  3. €7.50MusselsMussels cooked in a creamy white wine sauce with garlic and a wedge of lemon
  4. €7.50Chicken and Rib FiestaChicken Wings and Pork Ribs marinated in BBQ sauce served with side salad
  5. €6.99Chicken GoujonsChicken pieces coated in breadcrumbs served with sweet chili sauce and side salad
  6. €7.50Golden Garlic MushroomButton mushrooms coated in breadcrumbs, infused with spices with garlic dip and side salad
  7. €6.50Ratatouille Style BruchettaHomemade Bruchette with Parmesan, tomato, roast vegetable and pesto dressing
  8. €6.50Mozzarella SticksMelted mozzarella coated in breadcrumbs served with side salad and sweet chili sauce
  9. €5.50Soup of the DayAsk your waiter what soup is available
  10. €6.50Seafood Chowder

Salads & Garlic Breads

  1. €7.50 Chicken Caesar SaladChicken, bacon,mixed lettuce , sundried tomato, parmesan and light caesar dressing
  2. €7.50Buffalo Mozzarella SaladSeasonal leaves with tomato, avocado and basil, sliced mozzarella with house dressing and a drizzle of pesto
  3. €7.50Greek SaladMixed lettuce, black olives, feta cheese and tomato with balsamic sauce
  4. €7.50Roasted Vegetable SaladGoat cheese, roast vegetables, mixed leaves with house dressing
  5. €5.50House SaladMixed leaves, onion, tomato, peppers and cucumber with house dressing.
  6. €4.50Plain Garlic Bread
  7. €5.50Garlic Bread with Cheese
  8. €5.99Garlic Bread with Feta Cheese & Roast...
  9. €5.99Garlic Bread with Buffalo Mozzarella,...
  10. €5.99Garlic Bread with Spicy Olives and Ro...


  1. La Strada PizzaWhite sauce, chicken, mushroom and mozzarella cheese
    1. €8.9910in
    2. €9.9912in
  2. Forever MargheritaTomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil
    1. €8.9912in
    2. €7.9910in
  3. Hot PepperoniTomato sauce, pepperoni, chilli peppers and mozzarella cheese
    1. €9.9912in
    2. €8.9910in
  4. Pizza IsabellaTomato sauce, mushrooms and mozzarella
    1. €8.9912in
    2. €7.9910in
  5. Hawaiian PizzaTomato sauce, ham, mushroom, pineapple and mozzarella cheese
    1. €9.9912in
    2. €8.9910in
  6. Pizza du ChefTomato sauce, ham, chicken, pepperoni, salami, bacon and mozzarella cheese
    1. €8.9910in
    2. €9.9912in
  7. Vegetarian PizzaTomato sauce, mushroom, mixed peppers, onion, pineapple, sweetcorn and mozzarella cheese
    1. €9.9912in
    2. €8.9910in
  8. Mexican PizzaTomato sauce, onion, peppers, sweetcorn, minced beef, fresh chilli and mozzarella cheese
    1. €9.9912in
    2. €8.9910in
  9. Bolognaise PizzaBolognaise sauce, minced beef, parmesan and mozzarella cheese
    1. €8.9910in
    2. €9.9912in
  10. Alla CalabreseTomato sauce, salami, peppers, green olives, sundried tomatoes, onion and mozzarella cheese
    1. €8.9910in
    2. €9.9912in
  11. Ratouille PizzaTomato sauce, grilled peppers, aubergine, corgette, onion, garlic, tomato, green olives, fresh parsley, olive oil and mozzarella cheese
    1. €8.9910in
    2. €9.9912in
  12. NapoliTomato sauce, capers, black olives, anchovies, basil and mozzarella cheese
    1. €9.9912in
    2. €8.9910in
  13. FlorentinaTomato sauce, spinach, 2 eggs, parmesan and mozzarella cheese
    1. €9.5012in
    2. €8.5010in
  14. FormaggioFeta cheese, goats cheese, parmesan, mozzarella cheese and oregano
    1. €8.9910in
    2. €9.9912in
  15. Il Tono PizzaTomato sauce, tuna chunks, red onion, black olives and mozzarella cheese
    1. €9.9912in
    2. €8.9910in
  16. Atlantic PizzaTomato sauce, mussel meat, salmon, cod, prawns, calamari, lightly mixed with garlic and fresh herbs topped with mozzarella cheese
    1. €11.9912in
    2. €9.9910in
  17. House CalzoneChoose any four toppings of your choice folded over into a stuffed crust - please put toppings in notes of order.
    1. €9.9910in
    2. €11.9912in

Extra Toppings

  1. €1.00Mushroom
  2. €1.00Onion
  3. €1.00Peppers
  4. €1.00Olives
  5. €1.00Sweetcorn
  6. €1.00Aubergine
  7. €1.00Corgette
  8. €1.00Parsley
  9. €1.00Garlic
  10. €1.00Pineapple
  11. €1.00Chili
  12. €1.00Chili peppers
  13. €1.00Capers
  14. €1.20Ham
  15. €1.20Pepperoni
  16. €1.20Chicken
  17. €1.20Salami
  18. €1.20Bacon
  19. €1.20Minced Beef
  20. €1.00Mozzarella
  21. €1.00Goats Cheese
  22. €1.00Feta Cheese
  23. €1.00Buffalo mozzarella
  24. €1.00Parmesan
  25. €1.99Prawn
  26. €1.99Calamari
  27. €1.99Cod
  28. €1.99Salmon
  29. €1.99Anchovies
  30. €1.99Mussel


  1. €10.99Tagliatella alla CalabreseTagliatelle with tomato sauce, chicken, peppers, onion, olives and sun dried tomato
  2. €10.99Penne La StradaLightly spiced tomato sauce, basil, mushroom, black olives and chilli with penne pasta
  3. €10.99Tagliatelle Polo FungiTagliatelle with chicken and mushroom in a creamy white saucegarlic and fresh parsley
  4. €10.99Ham & Mushroom TagliatelleTagliatelle with spinach, ham, mushroom in a white cream sauce
  5. €10.99Spaghetti BolognaiseSpaghetti in tomato sauce and minced beef
  6. €10.99Spaghetti CarbonaraSpaghetti with bacon and onion in a creamy white sauce
  7. €10.99Spaghetti AmatricianaSpaghetti, tomato sauce, bacon, black pepper and fresh parsley
  8. €12.50Tiger Prawn TagliatelleTagliatelle with prawn, spinach, garlic, olives, tomato, onion in olive oil and pesto
  9. €12.50Prawn Chorizo PastaPenne pasta with grilled tiger prawns, chorizo, garlic, chilli, capers and olives all toasted in oi, herbs and pesto
  10. €12.50Tomato Prawn ChorizoPenne pasta with tiger prawn, chorizo, garlic, onion and tomato sauce
  11. €10.99Penne PolloPenne pasta with chicken, mushroom, onion, chili, garlic mixed with olive oil
  12. €10.99Penne SalmonPenne pasta with smoked salmon in a pinky white cream sauce
  13. €12.99Atlantic SpaghettiCalamari, salmon, cod, mussel meat in black cajun in marinara sauce

Baked Pastas

  1. €12.99Penne ChickenPenne pasta with chicken,mushroom, spinach in light bechamel sauce
  2. €11.99Penne ProvencalPenne pasta roast vegetables, basil and creamy tomato sauce
  3. €9.99Traditional Homemade Beef LasagneServed with chips and salad

Rice Dishes

  1. €13.00Rice PaellaChicken and mixed seafood cooked as spicy or mild as you like. With saffron rice, peppers and courgettes
  2. €10.99Vegetarian RisottoRisotto rice cooked in white creamy sauce with wild mushroom and peas
  3. €12.99Garlic Prawn and Mussel GratinLightly spice creamy tomato sauce mixed with garlic, prawns, mussels, peppers and potato with melted cheese on top served with some slices of garlic bread abd side salad

Main Courses

  1. €12.99Chicken AlfredoGrilled breaded breast of chicken, lightly breaded with mushroom, white wine sauce and shredded bacon
  2. €11.99Cajun ChickenGrilled fillet of chicken, cooked with spicy Cajun tomato sauce lightly topped with tagliatelle
  3. €11.99Pepper Breaded ChickenBreaded pepper breast of chicken with pepper sauce
  4. €11.99Baked Breaded ChickenBaked breaded chicken breast with tomato sauce and melted parmesan
  5. €11.99Crispy ChickenCrispy chicken breast deep fried with chili sauce
  6. €18.99Sirloin SteakIrish prime sirloin steak cooked to your liking, served with sauteed mushroom and onion, with pepper sauce or garlic sauce
  7. €13.99Cajun SalmonFillet of salmon grilled in a frying pan with Cajun spices topped with roast veg, served with tomato sauce
  8. €13.99Plain SalmonFillet of salmon grilled in a frying pan on a bed of spinach and green peas with white creamy lemon sauce
  9. €13.99Sea BassFillet of sea bass pan fried on a bed of spinach and green peas with white creamy lemon sauce

Kids Menu

  1. €7.50Chicken Goujons & Chips
  2. €7.50Cheese Pizza & 1 topping with Chipsplease put toppings in notes for order
  3. €7.50Kids Pasta

Side Orders

  1. €2.50Chips
  2. €2.99Side Salad
  3. €3.99Baby Bowl Mash, Veg & Gravy
  4. €2.99Sauteed Onion & Mushroom
  5. €2.50Mash Potato
  6. €2.50Vegetables


  1. €1.00Coke 330ml
  2. €1.00Diet Coke 330ml
  3. €1.00Club Orange 330ml
  4. €1.007up 330ml
  5. €1.50Still Water 500ml
  6. €1.50Sparkling Water 500ml
  7. €1.50Apple Juice
  8. €1.50Orange Juice
  9. €1.50Strawberry Juice
  10. €1.007Up Free 330ml

Meal Deals

  1. €13.00Meal Deal OnePlain or cheesy garlic bread with crispy chicken with chips & salad or mash & veg & one soft drink
  2. €16.00Meal Deal TwoChicken Goujons, Any 12" Pizza with chips & one soft drink

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